Nex - Angel of Death !

We are searching for an Angel of Death team.
Join our discord before this weekend in order to join!

Building PvM up !

In the upcoming weeks, I will be trying to give PvM a boost again in the clan.
We will be starting low trying to motivate the people that have not been in PvM.
Just to build up the difficulty in the next couple of weeks whilst trying to recruit more people at the same time giving us the numbers we need for the highest level monsters.

Clan Recruiting !

Help the clan getting bigger by inviting new members to the clan!
That way it will be easier for us to host events where you need multiple people, thinking about some Angel of Death there.

Did you know that you receive quite a big number of clan points by inviting a new member in the clan?
So not only do you help us making the clan better but you can also work on a higher clan rank!

Solak Practice !

Lets do some more Solak and get that kill !
For the next couple of weeks I will be hosting more Solak 7 man events on Sunday.
Before you join this event please make sure you watch some tutorials and prepare yourself for a evening full of death and chaos combined with a nice evening on Discord with other clan members.

Double XP Weekend!

The second Double XP Weekend of 2018 will take place on 31 August, ending on 3 September.

Grap yourself some energy drinks and be prepared for a weekend full of XP gaining activities!
Dont forget to use your player owned port resources, Silverhawk downs, skilling dummy's and so on !

  • Raids: Beastmaster

  • Hosted By: DMH Atleke
    Date: Tuesday, 5 March
    Time: 20:00
    Drops: FFA + Keep

  • Corporeal Beast

  • Hosted By: DMH Atleke
    Date: Tuesday, 5 March
    Time: 20:30
    Drops: Lootshare

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